I am a recent graduate of the 3+ Masters of Architecture program in the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington.

I grew up in the midwest, and attended the University of Illinois, earning a bachelors and a masters degree in mechanical engineering, with a speciality in robotics. After graduating from Illinois in 2004, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, and worked for a couple of different aerospace companies. While I had a comfortable life in the Bay Area, I eventually came to realize that engineering wasn’t the career path that was best for me, and that I’d be happier pursuing architecture. I applied to several graduate programs along the West Coast, and landed on the University of Washington in 2010.

I have worked at two small practices dedicated to the design of houses and smaller scale civic projects, William Zimmerman Architects and Field Architecture. Due to the small size of these firms, I gained experience in almost all aspects of the design process. I have built models, prepared renderings, and drafted plans, sections, and details for several projects.  While at Field Architecture, I assisted in the design of the Karoo Wilderness Center in South Africa. This project, intended as a conservation and conference center in a restored wilderness area, won a 2011 Progressive Architecture Citation from Architect Magazine. My role on the project team for the Center included constructing several models for the project.

Outside of my professional experience in engineering and architecture, I have a good deal of practical hands-on experience in construction and design. During my undergraduate career, I worked for two summers for a residential contracting company, building home additions and other small construction projects. I also have designed and built several pieces of furniture, and during the school year, I work in the architecture department’s fabrication lab. In my position as a graduate shop assistant, I help students learn how to use the shop equipment, and assist students in the furniture studios on their projects.

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